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Our President Mike Murphy graduated from the University of South Florida in 1983, after which he began working for Texas Instruments handling both Engineering and Training in Houston, TX.

Mike then moved to Western Atlas International as a their Global Trainer for Downhole Tool manufacturing, test, and repair from 1988 – 1991, where he solidified his passion and excellence for training.

Pro Staff recruited Mike in 1991 as their Global Trainer/Technical Director. For the next 15 years Mike traveled the world developing specialized training curriculums and facilities to meet the clients’ high-tech manufacturing needs. During this time Mike developed relationships with many people in Oil & Gas, Telecom, Aerospace/Military, as well as multiple other industries where he established a well deserved reputation for excellence wherever he traveled.

In 2006 Mike’s superior at Pro Staff literally told him, “You’re the best in the world at this – you need to go start your own company.”

Mike took action, and MIL SPEC was created.



MIL SPEC is a world class, high-quality, Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and Electromechanical assembly contract manufacturer. While we do utilize the latest in technology and equipment to assist in achieving our success, make no mistake – our culture, our people, are clearly the most significant factor in this success.

The very first personality trait we look for when interviewing for a position is the innate desire for that person to only accept and achieve excellence. This is a quality that cannot be taught.

It must be present from day-1.

The culture starts from the top down, literally. Our President, Mike Murphy, continually demonstrates his personal passion for only being “the best”. This standard of excellence permeates down through every level of the company, to each and every employee.

“Good enough” is never good enough for anyone at MIL SPEC.

MIL SPEC is here to support you in delivering reliability to your customers… every day.


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